14 Very Creepy Photos Of Real Life Human Barbie Dolls (Part II)

Here's 14 photos of real life human Barbie dolls! The first part was so popular that we had to make a second one. All of these girls use an average of 5 hours of makeup to look like a Barbie and some of them have had extensive plastic surgery. Do you have the makeup skills to look like an actual Barbie (if you actually care to try)?

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Barbie Human

barbie doll before anda fter

Haman Barbie Doll 10

human barbie 5

human barbie 6

Human Barbie 8

human barbie 11

human barbie

Human Barbie 13

human barbie doll 9

Human Barbie Doll 14

Asian Barbie Doll

human barbie doll 16

barbie doll 15

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