7 of the most amazing before and after pictures you've ever seen!

Below are 7 of the most amazing plastic surgery / makeup before and after pictures. Rick Genest, Zombie Boy, had full body makeup to shoot a commercial. Over 80% of his body is covered in skeleton tattoos.

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zombie before and after

Paul ‘PJ' James, a high-fashion model and personal trainer from Australia, gained 40 pounds just so he could understand obesity.

before and after weight loss

The former skinhead who underwent 25 surgeries to remove his face tattoos. A former white supremacist gang leader underwent severy painful laser treatments to remove hateful and racist tattoos from his hace.

skin head before and after

People before and after becoming meth heads.

meth before and after

The forensic artist who can predict your face in 10 years based on your drinking, smoking and eating habits.

before and after beer

The woman who had a full face transplant after being attacked by a chimp. The painstaking op involved dozens of doctors and took 20 hours.

full face transplant

Brazilian's most famous transsexual who was dubbed "the world's most beautiful model."

before and after sex change

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