Are Women Getting Hotter? Hottest Women From 1920's - 2010's, You Decide...

Are women getting hotter? Is it just makeup, plastic surgery, and the fact that they're dressing sluttier? Or, are women actually evolutionarily getting hotter? Let's face it, each decade women seem to get more and more attractive. With all the media and visibility there is more pressure for women to look better. But, the funny thing is that people thought women in the 1920's were just as hot as we think they are today - it's all relative. They could have made the same argument for Victorian women and what not. Now, this slide show chronicles "hot female celebrities" from the 1920's all the way up to today. Look closely at the pictures and decide if the women are actually more attractive today. Try and disregard the quality of the photos and / or photoshopping. This first photo features Clara Bow (1920's).

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clara bow

Lillian Gish (1920's)

lillian gish

Loretta Young (1930's)

loretta young

Margaret Lindsay (1930's)

margaret lindsay

Ava Gardner (1940's)

Ava Gardner

Vivien Leigh (1940's)

vivien leigh

Marilyn Monroe (1950's)

marilyn monroe

Sharon Tate (1960's)

sharon tate

Brigitte Bardot (1960's)

brigitte bardot

Raquel Welch (1970's)

Raquel Welch

Pam Grier (1970's)    

Pam Grier

Phoebe Cates (1980's)

Phoebe Cates

Brooke Shields (1980's)

brooke shields

Pamela Anderson (1990's)

pamela anderson

Carmen Electra (1990's)

carmen electra

Britney Spears (2000's)

britney spears

Megan Fox (2000's)

megan fox

Vanessa Hudgens (2010's)

Vanessa Hudgens

Miranda Kerr (2010's)

miranda kerr

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