Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Ashley Tisdale had her nose job around 2008. Many people think she should have stayed away from plastic surgery though. She already had a very thin nose before plastic surgery. But, after the nose job it looks even thinner! She "claims" that she needed a septoplasty, but it was clearly cosmetic surgery. The bridge of her nose is smoother and more sloped after surgery. Notice she has a slight bump on the bridge of her nose. In the after photo it looks much smoother.

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Ashley Tisdale Before and After

This photo can be deceiving because of the lighting. But, her nose looks thinner and less developed in the the after picture.

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Once again, Ahsley Tisdale's nose just looks odd after her rhinoplasty...

Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery

There's no denying it, she had a nose job. The bridge is smooth and sloped after plastic surgery.

Ashley Tisdales Nose Job

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