Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery For Chin Implants

Bristol Palin has admitted to having plastic surgery for her chin implant. In the before and after photo her chin is much larger and more pointy. Sarah Palin was a super model before she went into politics. So, plastic surgery runs in the Palin family; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Notice how much more pronounced Bristol Palin's chin is after the implant. The plastic surgery really brought out her chin.

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Bristol Palin Chin Implant

It's pretty amazing what cosmetic surgery can do these days. Bristol Palin looks great after the chin implant. But, she looks like a totally different person. If you didn't see her before plastic surgery you would never know that she had it.

Bristol Palin Cosmetic Surgery

Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery

Bristol Palin Before And After

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