Britt Ekland Plastic Surgery Before And After

It's obvious that Britt Ekland has had plastic surgery in her later years. This first before and after photo shows that she got Botox around her eyes as well her jawline. Also, her overuse of mascara and eyeshadow make her eyes do a "super pop." She's always had big eyes, so the extra makeup isn't really necessary.

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Britt Ekland Plastic Surgery

Fortunately, Britt Ekland didn't go overboard board with the plastic surgery. You can tell because she still has some crows feet around her eyes; which means something is still natural.

britt ekland botox

britt ekland cosmetic surgery

It looks like she just has to go a little more natural because there's way too makeup on her face.

britt ekland facelift

Here's Britt Ekland when she was young.

britt ekland young

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