Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Carrie Fisher is rumored to have undergone extensive facial plastic surgery. Before and after pictures show that she's had Botox, a facelift and fillers. Now in her 50's, she had had a weight problem for some time. But, after shedding nearly 50 pounds of fat, fans weren't looking at her body, rather they looking at a seemingly new face. The mini facelift and eyelid surgery ultimately lifted her cheeks and removed wrinkles. But, Carrie Fisher's face is looking puffy which would indicate that she had facial fillers as well. She pretty much went over the top on the plastic surgery because she's almost unrecognizable. I always state on this site that subtle plastic surgery is alway the best route. It shouldn't be obvious that you had surgery, rather it should look like you had a good haircut or something, people shouldn't be able to quite put their finger on what the difference is.

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Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery

carrie fisher before and after

carrie fisher cosmetic surgery

carrie fisher plastic surgery before and after

Here's Carrie Fisher showing off the new her.

carrie fisher after plastic surgery

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