Chaz Bono Before And After Sex Change

The Chaz Bono sex change story has certainly stirred a lot of controversy. These before and after photos show Chaz Bono from the transformation of a woman to a man. When asked why she wasn't content being a lesbian, she simply replied "Because I'm not a woman." Chaz has actually had 8 years of therapy and had to work out many personal issues before proceeding with the operation. When asked about how she felt on having her breasts removed she said this, "It was the greatest day, probably of my life. It was getting rid of something on my body that felt like it didn't belong there since they started to develop at, like, 11 or 12." Here's Chaz Bono before and after the sex change.

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chaz bono sex change

chaz bono before and after

chaz bono before sex change

Chaz Bono After Sex Change

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