Dog Facelift | Plastic Surgery For Animals!

Plastic surgery isn't just for humans anymore. A recent trend in animal plastic surgery is a popular procedure known as the "dog facelift." Sometimes it is just to make your dog more of a hunk, but other times it's for medical reasons. This first before and after photo shows a dog that had a facelift to look better. Notice how his is are wider and his face is tighter.

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dog facelift

This dog was blind before a facelift, but now the flaps of skin no longer cover his eyes.

animal plastic surgery before and after

This dog also had trouble seeing before plastic surgery.

dog facelift

Notice how this dogs eyes are also less covered by folds of skin. So, how do you feel about animal plastic surgery? The medical part is OK, but is getting a facelift just for looks a little over the top?

animal plastic surgery

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