Elizabeth Berkley Before And After Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Berkley - one of the original Saved By The Bell stars - may of had plastic surgery. Her before and after photos suggest she may of had Botox. It's hard to tell, but the star is now in her 30's and look almost too good to be plastic surgery free. Doctors think she may of had some Botox injections to maintain her youthful appearance. Here's Elizabeth Berkley in a before and after photo. The before picture is the teenage version of her on the set of Saved By The Bell. The after photo is her now in her 30's.

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Elizabeth Berkley Before And After

The star probably maintains a very healthy and active lifestyle. But, you can't rule out the possibility that Elizabeth Berkley may of had some cosmetic surgery.

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery

Her face just looks to perfect to be Botox free. What do you think?

Elizabeth Berkley cosmetic surgery

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