Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox Boob job

Elizabeth Hurley has been suspected of getting plastic surgery for years, despite her constant denials. Before and after photos suggest she's had Botox injections and breast implants. When she got her Botox treatments, it's likely that she also had collagen lip injections. When asked about plastic surgery, she had this to say, “No, but I think I am ready for it.” Seriously? “I haven’t had anything done yet.” Not even Botox? “No, no. Look I’m frowning. No. I don’t have anything in my face. But I would never rule it out.” This first before and after picture shows Elizabeth Hurley at a young age as well as in a recent photo. Notice how much bigger and plumper her lips are now. Also, her cheeks look a little puffy which would suggest she had facial fillers or Botox.

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elizabeth hurley plastic surgery before and after

elizabeth hurley before and after

elizabeth hurley plastic surgery

A few years back, Elizabeth Hurley was accused of getting breast implants. But once again, she flat out denied the rumors. Do you think she's telling the truth or lying?

elizabeth hurley breast implants

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