Felicity Huffman Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Felicity Huffman is looking more elegant these day and it's most likely not because of plastic surgery. She didn't have a facelift, but Botox and chemical peels are a definite possibility. Her nose and chin are the same plus she still has some wrinkles. Yet, she somehow looks completely different. The Botox injections probably reduced the wrinkles on her cheeks, around her jawline, and around her eyes. This before and after photo shows how much more glamorous Felicity Huffman is looking these days.

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Felicity Huffman Plastic Surgery Before And After

Felicity Huffman most likely didn't have any major plastic surgery. Rather, she made the most out of simple outpatient procedures.

felicity huffman before and after

Felicity Huffman Plastic Surgery

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