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Best Place To Have Liposuction?

I only have money for liposuction in one area so I was wondering which area to have done? Which area will have the most impact in overall appearance?

Madel  -  Oct. 16

ARMS!!!! Fat legs can be covered by jeans. Even leggings and long skirts. A huge belly can be concealed by a food girdle. Better yet if you use spanx. Arms on the other hand can give you a huge overall boost. If you wear sleeveless, most people assume you're thin. Its the best way to "cheat" your body. By creating an illusion. Imagine this: Wear dark jeans, use a girdle, wear a sleeveless top. I assure you, that outfit will instantly shave 20-30 pounds off your appearance.

Cristalle  -  Oct. 16

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