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Best Types Of Nose Shapes?

What are the best types of nose shapes? I have a humped nose with a bulbous tip and want to know what the best nose type, shape, and size would be for me. The hump is moderately big and the width of the bridge and tip are wider then I want. Any advice?

Alex  -  Oct. 16

As you can see from the image below, there are many different types of nose shapes and sizes. Ultimatley, the perfect nose depends on the persons facial type. But, in the the world of plastic surgery the ideal nose shape has a flat & slightly sloped bridge with a small tip and even width from top to bottom.

The second example has a humped nose. Example 5 is the ideal male nose shape. It has a flat bridge, even width, and is slightly turned upward.

nose types

nose shapes

You should talk to you plastic surgeon and determine what the ideal nose shape is for your face.

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Oct. 16

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