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Can Breast Reduction be reversed?

I'm 28 and have thought my breast size was too large since I was a teenager.  I've considered breast reduction because I get lower back pains after 10 minutes of running or any strenuous labor.  I'm tired of this pain and am ready to do something about it.  But, I'm worried that I won't be happy with the result.

Can Breast Reduction be reversed?

Samantha  -  Sep. 12

I totally agree that you need to be comfortable with your body, and if you find that your breasts are causing you to be self conscious or your getting unwanted attention that is not something that you should have to live with.  I personally have had to deal with EXTREMELY large breasts my whole life and can completely empathize with what you are going through.  I have had surgeries in the past.  I have not had a breast reduction, but I did have a gastric bypass.  From that surgery, I had a hernia, then another 14 surgeries, because of other complications. The past 10 years have been the worst of my life.

            My question to you is, how much of the pain from the huge breasts can be eliminated by using maybe a binder, that really tightens them to you, or accommodating your activities to make the pressure lessen?  Because you will have to be making accommodations after the surgery anyway, might as well make them before, and see if that will help.  How much of is it is aesthetics?  And is it how you see them?  Or is it how everyone else see’s them and won’t stop seeing them?  Because maybe some counseling and guidance from some plastic surgery support groups could help you with the perception of how you see yourself and how to react with others.  Every surgery has it’s risks.  I’m a firm believer in only having a surgery when the surgeries worse case scenario, still sounds better than what you have to deal with presently.  If you can make it work without surgery, it’s always better to go that route.  If you have to have the surgery, check your options, find out by looking online at support groups, searching profiles, and hospital statistics, and find what you can do before hand to have a successful surgery.  Talk to people who have had the procedure and not just referrals from doctors or sites that are there to promote and sell the surgeries.  Find independent opinions.

Kelly S  -  Sep. 17

Hi Samantha, in short no.  The surgeon is removing fat & cartilage from your breasts; which is all natural.  The only way to regain your former breast size would be to have standard breast implants.  It's a very big decision you have to make & should be taken with with much thought and patience.

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Sep. 12

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