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Can Hair Removal Can Actually Stimulate Hair Growth In Some Areas? Will It Cause Hair To Grow Back Thicker?

I heard some stories that Laser Hair Removal can actually stimulate Hair growth is that true? Will It Cause Hair To Grow Back Thicker?

pathy  -  Oct. 27

Results vary from client to client. Current research indicates that using sub-optimal fluences (energies) for laser hair removal treatments is a leading cause for the stimulation of hair growth – not a desirable effect when trying to remove hair. One possibility why this may be more prevalent in darker skinned patients is because practitioners may be hesitant to use appropriate settings or do not have the correct technology (ex: long-pulsed Nd: YAG laser) for this group of patients. Also some patients report that finer hairs treated with laser become more prominent and more numerous. Related discussions have begun at industry conferences. It is a rare occurrence which happens only when treating fine hair, especially on women’s faces and men’s upper arms, shoulders and upper backs. It is also a concern when treating sparse hairs of any kind on any body area. Darker skin types (type IV and darker) are more susceptible to experiencing laser-induced growth. It is advised to only choose laser hair removal for body areas with dark coarse dense growth. Laser devices are only effective on coarse growth. Fine and vellus hair should be removed with electrolysis.The more your provider knows about you, the better they are equipped as to what direction to take in order for you to have the best results. Relax, hair removal is a process and will take time to achieve results. The Lightsheer laser is equipped so that the provider can adjust the setting accordingly, Up or down. So as the provider is aware of how your skin reacted with treatments the more aggressive they can get during each session.

maebelMD  -  Oct. 27

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