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CoolSculpt For Fat Removal

I want to get CoolSculpt, but it's expensive. I'm wondering if I should just get regular liposuction. Does this even work? I need to do my inner thighs and my back fat. Thanks.

PlasticFantastic  -  Oct. 19

Coolsculpt is a simple in office prodedure that actually works. 20-30 percent of your fat will be safely removed by freezing the fat. With no downtime, blood, bandages,hospital fees, or chance of dying, Coolsculpt is a great option. Some offices do your inner thights now as well.I can't speak for your specific case because I don't know how much fat you need to get rid of, but CoolSculpt is great for bra buldges and love handles. Yes, it is not cheap. It is typically $750 per small area, which means that it would be $1500 to treat BOTH thighs. It is $1200 for a larger area, like the stomach. This procedure is so easy and takes no finesse at all, so I would go with the least expensive clinic. Good luck!

PlasticFantastic  -  Oct. 19

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