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Do Face Lift Creams Really Work?

Like everyone I know want to delay facial surgery as looong as possible. may be a face lift cream will do the trick?

Jakie Marshall  -  Oct. 27

Delaying surgery is not necessarily a bad idea but the most expensive thing you can do is buy a facelift cream over and over throughout the years (since it's not going to do anything). Nowadays there are many options like Botox or Fillers that you can do to maintain a youthful appearance. Skin care alone can make a world of difference and in fact will improve your facelift result once you decide to do it. Creams, serums and lotions are not able to do much more than assist with fine lines. They are helpful in maintaining youthful skin however will not transform loose skin.This can only be achieved surgically. Sun exposure causes pre-mature aging and skin cancer. A good sun block with UVA and UVB protection will help limit your sun exposure and using Retinol (Vitamin A) and fruit acids will help to improve existing sun damage. A good moisturizer will keep you hydrated and facials will keep your pores clean and skin glowing.A good aggressive skin care regimen, usually provided through a doctor's office is a great start. Retin A or similar product (tailored to your skin type) is a great adjunct. Regular microdermabrasions in a doctor's office help greatly. All of these, when combined with sun avoidance, sunscreen, avoidance of yo yo weight gain/loss patterns and avoiding smoking can make the skin look dramatically better than if these steps were not followed. The difference can in fact be profound.

DocMarie  -  Oct. 27

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