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Does The New Laser Facelift "Ultherapy" Work?

I have been hearing about the new laser facelift, Ultherapy. Can you tell me more about it? It was on Doctor Oz.

PlasticFantastic  -  Oct. 19

Ultherapy is not a laser, but ultrasound. This sound has a high vibration, which causes heat beneath the dermis, and is used to lift and tighten sagging skin. Results are supposed to be seen after a two -month period. I have heard excellent things about Ultherapy, but since this procedure is VERY new, and you will most likely be treated by a nurse practitioner, as opposed to a plastic surgeon, you really need to do your research. I also heard from Ultherapy patients that they were surprised how extremely painful the procedure was, so that is also something to consider. Ultherapy ranges between $2500-$3500 dollars a treatment. Ouch!

PlasticFantastic  -  Oct. 19

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