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Double Chin Problem

I have a huge double chin. This makes me look a lot bigger than I actually am. In truth, my body is just okay but my huge double chin makes me appear fat especially in pictures. Is it advisable to get chin lipo? How bad will the scars be? 

Pamela Kelly  -  Oct. 15

Chin lipo is not at all scary!!! I recommend that you have this done right away. It will change your appearance dramatically! It will make you a lot thinner. Our face plays a huge impact in our overall appearance. The scars will not be so bad. The incisions will typically be right under both ears and hardly visible. However, one will be in the center of the chin. This would be a bit visible but the incisions are so tiny, you can cover it with concealer once your wounds are healed. One thing to note though: After lipo, the area where you had lipo will have to have some form of support for the first month. It is usually a material similar to stockings and they are very comfortable and can be well hidden under clothes. However, the face/chin support will not be easily hidden. This is the reason why I took so long to decide before having chin lipo. I made sure I had 2 weeks off work so I could come back without the visible wounds anymore and the bruising under my chin were all healed. After the first two weeks, I only wore the chin support when I slept at night. I got so many compliments after my chin lipo! They all asked me what diet I did. Lipo diet. LOL

Cristalle  -  Oct. 15

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