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Dr. Timothy Carmen Hair Transplant Review: My Personal Experience

Hi Everyone,

I had a hair transplant with Dr. Timothy Carmen of La Jolla, CA, and wanted to do a review on him. Let me start by saying this: I consulted with 8 hair transplant doctors before deciding to go with him. I had no budget, so I was willing to spend whatever it took to get the best result. I consulted with the best and most recognized docs in and around Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami (didn't make my way to NY).

When I almost had my mind made up, I randomly decided to consult with Dr. Timothy Carmen. At first impression, he's definitely eccentric and a little out there, but in an awesome way. He's an artist, musician, sculptor, as well as a hair transplant doctor (a doctor who focuses on the aesthetic side of things should with without a doubt be artistic - after all, a hair transplant is art). He takes an extremely intuitive and artistic approach to analyzing your hairline. I remember him saying that even a couple hairs out of place can make or break a hair transplant.

I got the hair transplant 9 months ago and am beyond happy with the results. There's literally nothing unnatural about. I remember some of the other docs that were going to take an extremely aggressive approach. I'm so glad i didn't go with them.

Here's a small piece of advice if you're considering a hair transplant: make sure your doctor sets realistic expectations, can say no to you, and takes a relatively conservative approach. In hindsight, I know that if I went with someone who was going to do what I thought I wanted, I'd be getting laser surgery to re-do the hairline. Some doctors will just say yes because they want your business.

All I'm saying is that:

  • Dr. Timothy Carmen is incredibly good at what he does
  • He doesn't advertise himself (Too many of these docs have aggressive PR teams to make you think they're the greatest)
  • He's inexpensive even though he's with out a doubt one of the if the best hair transplant docs in the industry (Please don't think that paying more means that doctor is better. I almost made that mistake)

I'm not saying that he's the only doc to go with. I consulted with 8 doctors, did extremely extensive research, and ended up picking him though. Now, my transplant is so good that I literally forget I even had one. Seriously, just see the guy. It will be worth it, and if nothing else, educational. He'll take an hour or more to sit down and talk with you. It's really cool talking with the guy because he knows so much about the industry. Also, he'll never (let me emphasize NEVER) strong arm you into going with him. He'd rather turn you away then doing a hair transplant he doesn't recommend. I'm glad I went with him, and hopefully you are too.


dr timothy carmen

Daniel Oday  -  Jan. 6

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