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Gummy Bear Implant Vs. Traditional Silicone Implant

I Have been considering silicone breast implants, but I don’t want them to look fake. My friend has them, and they look good, but they are really round, which real boobs are not. What are my options here?

PlasticFantastic  -  Oct. 19

  • Have you looked into the Gummy Bear implant? They are not FDA approved yet, but there are many U.S. surgeons who have been using them in trails since 2003. The benefit to Gummy Bears is that they do not leak if ruptured, and come in anatomically correct shapes. In other words, they look like real breasts. You are right, real boobs are not round, but have a natural slope to them. Also, the silicone in the Gummy Bear implant is not liquid, so it stays in place if the implant were to rupture, hence the name “Gummy Bear.” I have seen dozens of breast implants, and the Gummy Bears look absolutely exquisite. There is a risk of the implant flipping over, but I have personally not heard of this happening. Do your research and please keep us posted!
  • PlasticFantastic  -  Oct. 19

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