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Has Anyone Had Good Results Out of The Country

I hear you can get plastic surgery very cheap in Mexico and other countries?  It's gaining popularity has anyone tried that? What were your expieriences?

TinaBee3  -  Sep. 21


I  have heard the worst horror stories about going to Mexico and other countries.  I had bad results from surgery here and have lost a decade of my life spent in hospitals and in bed and doctors offices.  People who have bad experiences there, die. A lot will have bad infections or complications after and will have no one who can help them, because doctors don't want to work on a patient they did not perform the original surgery on.  Some doctors will lure you to other countries with free airfare, and hotel stays, but check to see if they have records here that they are hiding from.  Check to see if there will be any doctors here who will povide care for you when you come back?  Do a lot of research, and remember saving a couple thousand is not worth losing a lifetime of health.

Kelly S  -  Sep. 21

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