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Has Brad Pitt Had Botox?

For some reason, it looks like Brad Pitt had Botox injections. He has obviously started aging in the past few years, but the question is if it's natural or not. He has some wrinkles which would suggest that he's Botox free. But, nearly every celebrity has taken to the needle in Hollywood. Do you think Brad Pitt has had Botox?

brad pitt aging

brad pitt botox injections

brad pitt botox

KimmyGIRL  -  Jun. 11

I don't think so, rather I feel that he is aging gracefully. And George Clooney too./p>

ElizaWh  -  Oct. 14

No way that he had Botox! He has wrinkles which is called AGING... Not everyone has had Botox just because they're famous.

Steven  -  Jun. 12

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