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How bad is scaring from a tummy tuck

My mom also wants to know about the scaring of a tummy tuck. She wants to know how bad the scars are going to be.

tammy1123  -  Sep. 19

Scars from a tummy tuck do take a long time to heal. I would say a good month or so.  It usually takes 9 months to a year until they are flatter and lighter in color  so once they have become lighter then the scar wont be so bad. Unfortunately a tummy tuck scar goes almost from hip to hip.  But, with good care you can get really good results! It also can have allot to do with the surgeon and how well he/she closes you up. Also the scar can be covered up with a bikini and other types of clothing. Either way over time the scar will definitely look really good! It just wont happen over night.

AnnaLee7878  -  Sep. 20

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