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How bad is the pain from a nose job?

I'm having a nose job in two weeks and I want to know how much it hurts?  How painful is the recovery time from a rhinoplasty?

Kimberleeeee49  -  Sep. 13

Does the nose job hurt?  NO

Is the recovery time painful?  YES

  • I had to sleep upright for a week straight.
  • You can't breath out of your nose because it's packed.
  • You definitely can't touch it or blow your nose.
  • You CANT smile with out searing pain.
  • Don't sneeze!
  • You can barely talk for a couple days.  The mouth movement hurts your nose.

Really the first few days are awful, then it's fine.  Day 1 - 3 are definitely the worst.  Just make sure you have your own space to recover and have at least a week off.

Samantha  -  Sep. 13

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