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How Is A Brazillian Butt Lift Different From Any Other Type Of Butt Lift?

I just want my booty to look rounder and more of the Apple Bottom look... is that Brazillian?

Therese  -  Oct. 27

The Brazilian buttock enhancement technique uses the bodies own fat cells to add volume and to shape and enhance the buttocks. Regular buttock lift is a vague term that can refer to large incisions that may be required to lift the buttock skin. This is best for patients that have lost massive amounts of weight who need lifting of the loose skin and soft tissue of the buttocks.Only tiny liposuction type incisions are required to move the bodies own fat cells from where they are not needed to enhance the buttock shape. Transferring the fat throughout the different layers of the buttocks will add and enhance the shape and volume of the buttock without being very invasive.While this technique can be combined with implants, it is more often best to perform the procedure by itself. Implants are rarely a natural feel and do not last very long. A lot of complications have been reported with implants.YOUR OWN FAT IS BEST! Based on your described goals, it sounds like a Brazilian Butt Lift would be more likely to achieve your goals for you. This procedure is very safe, as compared to use of buttock implants. Its results are very predictable and lasting. Find a surgeon certified by Board of Plastic Surgery, and with experience performing these procedures, and discuss your goals with them. Hope you get the butt you dream of!

maebelMD  -  Oct. 27

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