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How long is recovery for a tummy tuck?

I'm wondering how long it will take me to recover from a tummy tuck. I am done having children and I'm ready to get my body back!  I know its supposed to be pretty painful so I understand that...I'm just wondering what my down time will be like. I have vacation time to take and all but, I do have i kids so I cant be out of service if you will, for too long.

tammy1123  -  Sep. 19


Tummy tucks range like MaylinAnn said as to how extensive the surgery is, what surgeon is doing the surgery.  What type of abdominoplasty it is, but even on a simple tummy tuck I've never heard of 2 weeks recovery period.  I think  a more realistic healing window is 6-8 weeks.  And if your children are at the ages where they need to be picked up for any reason, plan on having someone there with you at all times.  The damage you can do to yourself internally from just picking that child up one time can cause a rip in the lining of your stomach or incision giving you a lifetime of complications and it is not worth it.  Trust me.  I'm a what not to do story.  Make sure that for the first 10 days that you're going to have someone there who can not just help you, but who is able to help lift you.  You don't realize it but our abdominal muscle control a lot of our turning, siting, lifting, standing, etc.  You are going to need help just to get into a sitting position so that you are able to get out of bed.  Talk to patients who have had the surgery and get lots of information first hand.

Kelly S  -  Sep. 20

Definetely afew weeks! A tummy tuck is a big procedure and you will need atleast 2 weeks off from work. Then just go from there, maybe you will be ready to go back or maybe you will need another few days. You will also have to wait atleast a month to start working out again, if you work out.  Yes this procedure is very painful but, it also helps if you get a great surgeon, allot of it will depend on how they do it. The type of technique they use and their skills. Just make sure you do have someone to help you with the kids! You may start to feel sick from the pain killers...And you wont be able to get up over and over to tend to them. So you will definetely need some help!

Good luck!

MaylinAnn  -  Sep. 19

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