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How To Keep Your Nose Job A Secret

How do I keep my rhinoplasty a secret from friends? How long does bruises and wounds from rhinoplasty take to heal?

Michelle  -  Oct. 16

You can if the changes you would like to have done are subtle. My sister has a good bridge but he side of her nose was a bit wide. So she just had the sides trimmed. She came back to work and nobody ever guessed her secret. She just got a lot of "somethihg's different about you lately" comments but they attributed it to her being in-love with a new boyfriend more than surgery. Lol

If you will completely overhaul your nose, then there is no hiding it. Your friends, especially those you see on a regular basis, will certainly be able to tell the difference.

Rhinoplasty takes 5-7 days to heal. It is also after one week when you can finally remove your nose cast. There will be a little bruising but it is usually completely gone after 2 weeks. Most patients are asked to take a week off work after surgery.

Madel  -  Oct. 16

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