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Can I Get A Rhinoplasy If I Have Sinus And Allergy Problems?

I am on my mid twenties and I have allergies and sinus problem, but I really wanted to have a rhinoplasty procedure. Is is possible to get a nose job / rhinolasty if I have these?

Candy Landdyn  -  Oct. 26

Yes it is possible. We have the same problem and base on my doctors advice If there are allergies or sinus infections present, rhinoplasty surgery can still be performed. I just got my rhinoplasty a year ago and works wonder with me. If there is an active sinus infection present, it is a good idea however to get the condition under control before proceeding with a rhinoplasty procedure. Many people suffering from allergies and sinus conditions may also have a deviated septum. Deviated septum: its when the middle of the nose is bent, causes problems and abnormal growth. Most doctors. will say you are fine because you can breathe normally and ur not suffering seriously but thats just the insurance guidelines aka they wanna pay. the real deal is should be corrected and if you cant get a okay then go for rhinoplasty. Correction of the deviated septum at the same time as the rhinoplasty can often help improve breathing passages. Make sure your doctor preforms surgerys also. If not find yourself a cosmetic surgeron who also specializes in improving breathing. Mostly all cosmetic surgergeons who do Rhinoplasty the nose do. I hope this helps.

Therese  -  Oct. 26

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