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Is there a nose job for a flat nose?

My nose is not flat but I hate the appearance, what can I do? I know most rhinoplasty patients have their noses done to get rid of their flat nose but my case is the opposite. Is there something that can be done?

Liana  -  Oct. 16

n order to change your nose and give it more definition you will need to have some grafting done.

smita sharma  -  Feb. 4

Yes! There are typically 2 main treatments for this. First and most common, is a traditional Nasal Implant (which can be made of silicone, gortex, or cartilidge/bone taken from the patient) in order to augment the nose bridge. This is a more permanent solution that can be fairly quick and is made by a small incision. It often is done with an alar wedge resection (a procedure making the nostrils smaller) and can give it a more aesthetic look.

A newer, less invasive approach is augmentation with dermal fillers. Many patients opt for this approach first because there is virtually no downtime (only some possible bruising or swelling as with any dermal filler), and also gives the patient the option of being involved with the "build" and immediate aesthetic appearance of the nose. If done with a hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, or Belotero, the results can be "dissolved" if the patient changes thier mind.

I hope this helps!

PlausibleDeniability  -  Oct. 21

Yes of course! Rhinoplasty is not just for flat noses! It can change the appearance of your nose any way you want! If your nose is "too tall", you may "flatten" it a bit to fit your face perfectly. Try the digital imaging most surgical centers. It will help you come up with your desired nose. Ask your surgeon for help as this is their expertise. Most of those who want rhinoplasty have unrealistic expectations. It is important to remember that in picking out the perfect nose, one should take into consideration how it will fit their face. When I had my surgery, I wanted the exact same nose of Demi Moore. Haha good thing, my doctor talked me out of it. He said Demi's nose would look weird on my face. That said, I settled for Jennifer Aniston's nose :)

Abigail  -  Oct. 16

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