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Katy Perry Has To Have Had Botox Injections!

With these recent picture of Katy Perry in 2013, it's starting to look like she's had Botox. Of course - like every other star - she would deny it, but something about her face is looking different. Yes she's getting older, but her eyes and jawline almost have a Botox look. It's definitely not for sure, but it's worth throwing out there. Do you think that Katy Perry's veered away from the needle?

katy perry botox

katy perry botox injections

KimmyGIRL  -  Jun. 6

Puffiness.... a sure sign and no laugh lines...

Austin78759  -  Nov. 29

I really don't think that Katy Perry had any Botox. She looks older, but not different.

Steven  -  Jun. 12

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