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Lipo Preparation

How do I prepare for liposuction? I am not very fat but i gained almost 50 pounds in a span of five years. Are there special tests to take? Do I have to take oral medicines before the procedure?

LeahAndrea  -  Oct. 15

Liposuction preparation varies with each individual. However, the best way is to discuss this with your surgeon. The initial consultation with your surgeon should have all your questions answered. Usually, there will be some tests they would require you to have done in a hospital. If i remember correctly, I had several blood tests, ECG, etc.

8 hours before the procedure, they would require you to undergo fasting. That means no food and even water prior to surgery. My doctor also asked me not to use any make-up or perfume before coming in to the operating room. No jewelry allowed as well. I was asked to take some oral meds --- iron--- two weeks before my liposuction because I have low blood and there's a certain level your blood has to be before procedure. However, if your blood level is good and you are not a late sleeper like me, no need for oral meds. Again, this is just based on my experience. Still best to talk it over with your surgeon.

LauraHernandez  -  Oct. 15

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