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Liposuction And Bruises

I have heard that after liposuction, bruises develop. How bad is the bruising? How long will it take before the bruises disappear?

Lyn  -  Oct. 15

I'm on a roll answering questions so bring it on! :)

It is true that bruises develop on the area where you had your lipo. However, the bruising varies. Ask yourself: Are you the type of person who easily bruises after bumping into a table or something? Then it follows that your bruising will be bad after lipo. However, if you're the type who does not easily bruise, then it also follows that your bruising will be close to non-existent. There are also creams for bruising which you can use after the procedure to make them disappear faster. Most surgery centers carry this and you can ask them to recommend you one after procedure.

Most bruises will typically disappear completely after 3-4 weeks. So best to wear long, flowing dresses for the first month if you had thigh lipo or long sleeved shirts and cardigans for those undergoing arm lipo. A friend of mine who had several lipo procedures done on her arm discovered that the use of lavender oil effectively lessens the appearance of bruises. I have not tried this method but should I have another surgery, I will certainly give it a shot

Cristalle  -  Oct. 15

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