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Liposuction And Dark Spots

Will dark spots from incisions during lipo fade away eventually?

Patricia  -  Oct. 16

It will, eventually. I noticed the dark spots from my lipo started lightening after about 3 months. Significant lightening came after 6 months though. The incisions from my arm lipo didn't bother me too much because they were not very obvious. As for the tummy area, they were well-hidden. What really bugged me were the incisions from my thigh lipo. They were front, dead, and center. Two small dots on my knees. It was so obvious especially when you wear shorts or dresses. I went back to my surgery center and had them do some peeling for the dark spots. Took only 2 sessions. It was very reasonably priced too. My friend who also had thigh lipo just used whitening cream on the dark spots as soon as her wounds healed and it worked beautifully. Her scars were hardly noticeable by the 4th month.

Vera  -  Oct. 16

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