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Liposuction And Recovery

How soon can I return to the office after liposuction? How long do I need to recover? Would a one-week leave be enough? After procedure, can I drive myself home? Or do I need to have someone assist me?

Futurestar  -  Oct. 15

Most liposuction procedures now are very advanced and needs minimal recovery time. Most lipo patients return to the office the next day but I would recommend one whole day of complete rest before returning to work just to be sure. If your job is very physical and requires a lot of movements and liftings, then it is best to take a 3-day rest before returning to work. If your job is mostly office-based, you can come back even on the next day. 

Most liposuctions done now are outpatient procedures. However, I would not recommend driving yourself home. The anesthesia may have not completely worn off. Best to ask a relative or friend to drive for you. When I had my lipo I had my sister assist me in changing the covers for the open incisions. There would be incisions we cant reach, especially those on the back of our body. Also, if the procedure done is in the lower part of your body like your thighs, it would not be good to bend down as you would most likely be dizzy if you do this. 

Christine  -  Oct. 15

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