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Liposuction Targets

What are the areas that can be targeted for liposuction? What are the common areas where liposuction is done? I had lipo done on my upper back and arms but there's this annoying lump of fat just under my nape. Can this be removed?

CiaraAnnaBohler  -  Oct. 15

The most common areas people have lipo done are the arms, tummy, hips, thighs, legs. However, your problem is not uncommon. I myself had lipo done in this area. After i got so thin all around, people noticed that lump of fat under my nape. This ALWAYS happens when I have my hair up. I hate it and so I asked my surgeon if they can do that area. Fortunately, my doctor does. The only drawback for me is that the charge is the same as in other big areas. You get charged the same amount for your abdomen lipo as that tiny patch of fat under your nape. Was a bit disappointed but they explained that the same amount of people and machines are needed to perform the operation. Therefore, pay was standard. 

Angela  -  Oct. 15

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