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Liposuction Vs Gastric Bypass

Is it safer to undergo liposuction over gastric bypass? What are the risks associated liposuction and gastric bypass?

Michelle  -  Oct. 16

Both have their pros and cons. I have to admit, I decided between these two in 2010 before I had liposuction done. I've been hearing more deaths and more lifestyle changes through gastric bypass as compared to liposuction. Also, I cannot imagine not eating and enjoying food as much if I undergo gastric bypass.

In full disclosure, I have only had liposuction. I never tried gastric bypass. But a someone who has extensively researched both, I would recommend liposuction. It is safer for me and could target problem areas. Like most women I know are happy with their bodies but would just like to get rid of their huge bellies. Lipo can be done on a per area basis. Gastric bypass, on the other hand, has a more total body effect.

Both surgeries have risks but liposuction is more advanced now in my opinion. I would only suggest gastric bypass for those who are 400 pounds or more. Those who need extreme measures. But for most women who jug need to get rid of a bit of fat, I still choose liposuction.

Madel  -  Oct. 16

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