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Liposuctionand Incisions

How big are the incisions during the lipo procedure? Does the lipo incision leave big scars? Will the incisions during lipo leave dark spots on my skin? How long before  lipo scars disappear? I'm a keloid former so I am worried it will leave ugly, permanent scars. Will the incisions be stitched up to close?

Futurestar  -  Oct. 15

The lipo done today are already so advanced so the incisions are tiny. Because they are tiny, no need for stitching. Incisions done during lipo are left open. This is done to minimize scarring. They are left open and close naturally when the wounds have healed. This results in drippings so it must be covered with something --- I used band aids, sanitary napkins, and panty liners when I had my liposuction done. Immediately after the procedure, the incisions were covered by heavy flow sanitary napkins and white tape (the kinds used in hospitals). On the first day, the napkins need to be replaced at least 3 times per day or when you feel it is full. The next day, I just covered the incisions with bandaids and covered it with panty liners for more support.

The incisions leave dark marks but they are not so bad. My doctor just gave me whitening cram to put on the marks. I used it for just two weeks until I could no longer see it. If you are a keloid former, it is best to get the scars injected after surgery to flatten it. This is a separate procedure and would require different pay. If you are the type to scar easily and your wounds are too dark, you can have peeling done. This will make the dark spots disappear faster. This is also advisable if you are too lazy to put whitening cream 4x a day. The results are so much faster than applying whitening cream. 

Christine  -  Oct. 15

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