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Non-surgical Vs Surgical Liposuction

I have heard that there are now types of liposuction without surgery. Is this true? Is this as effective as the older methods of liposuction? Would it be best to do this non-surgical lipo over the surgical lipo?

LeahAndrea  -  Oct. 15

First of all, they are totally different. Liposuction --- REAL LIPOSUCTION --- is always surgical. This is the most effective and the fastest way to get rid of body fat. Those non-surgical lipos are usually the RF treatments. They use radio frequency and sound waves to break down fat and melt this. This procedure is also effective but it takes longer and usually much more expensive because it requires sooooo many sessions. If you are just trying to tone up and just lose a little bit of fat in some areas of your body, non-surgical lipo may work for you. But so will a couple of sit-ups. LOL. My advice is this: Lots of fat to get rid of, choose surical lipo. A little fat to get rid of, choose non-surgical lipo or maybe opt for exercise. After my liposuction, I availed the non-surgical lipo just to maintain the shape i had initially achieved from lipo. i would not recommend this non-surgical lipo/RF unless you are soooo afraid of surgery. Remember girls and gays: No pain, no gain :)

LauraHernandez  -  Oct. 15

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