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Nose Job

How old do I have to be to get rhinoplasty? Is there a certain age requirement for rhinoplasty?

Brittany  -  Oct. 16

Usually, it's 15 years old for girls. For boys, a little older --- like 18. The idea is for the rhinoplasty patient to complete their growth spurt. You don't want to perform this on a very young patient. Facial features may still change up to a certain age. Of course, maturity and emotional preparedness also plays a big factor. The patient must really be decided to have the surgery. I knew I wanted to have my nose done as early as 14. However, my surgeon asked me to wait until I was 16. I'm glad I waited as I noticed my nose just needed trimming instead of vortex when I turned 16. The extra two years was really worth the wait.

Maiawilliams  -  Oct. 16

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