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Permanent Filler For Non Surgical Nose Job?

Well, I really want Rhinoplasty, but unfortunately I don't have the money. However, I am aware of the non-surgical nose jobs, but they only last 6-8 months.

Nikki Miller  -  Oct. 27

The non-surgical rhinoplasty can be a very rewarding procedure performed on the right patient by an experienced injector. Injectable Fillers helps improve your facial appearance.Various fillers can be placed in the nose for this purpose. Many of these fillers have a significant longevity in the nose because of the relative lack of muscle forces that seem to expedite the degradation of the fillers placed elsewhere in the face. You may find that even a hyaluronic acid filler can last up to a year after injection into some locations of the nose. Fillers can only address specific narrow problems with nasal shape. The choice of filler depends on the preference, and experience of your physician. I would caution you against ANY permanent dermal filler in the nose. Your face will change as you age and the filler will not. Large and small imperfections cannot be modified. Try the semi-permanent fillers and save your money for the nose that you really want.

maebelMD  -  Oct. 27

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