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Plenty Of Plastic Surgery For Tyra Banks | Nose Job & Breast Implants

No one can dispute that Tyra Banks has had plastic surgery. She's had multiple nose jobs and multiple breast implants. Not even Tyra Banks will deny getting plastic surgery. She had a VERY bulbous nose as a teenager - the bridge and tip were extremely wide, so the plastic surgeon had some serious work cut out for them.

tyra banks plastic surgery

This before and after photo proves that Tyra Banks had more than one nose job. In the before pic, her nose is smaller than when she was a teenager, but bigger than it is now.

tyra banks nose job

tyra banks plastic surgery before and after

Those are some serious breast implants. Subtlety isn't in Tyra Banks' nature...

tyra banks before and after

KimmyGIRL  -  Jun. 6

LOL, her boob job is REDICULOUS! I never realized how crazy those thing are..

Steven  -  Jun. 12

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