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Can I have rhinoplasty and not end up looking like a witch? I've seen some patients after their surgery and their noses are downright scary.

Brittany  -  Oct. 16

Of course! There are high tech stuff now that can make you check what you will look like after surgery. It's a 3D image of your nose which can be manipulated through computer. It's not 100 percent accurate but pretty close. I tried this when I had my nose done and I can say the 3D image before surgery was 95 percent accurate.

The idea here is to not go overboard. We might want a really nice nose but if it doesn't match our facial features, it will look strange. Make sure your new nose is proportion to your face.

Those witch-looking nose you've seen are probably those done when rhinoplasty techniques weren't as advanced as it is now. Now, noses after surgery can look perfectly natural!

Maiawilliams  -  Oct. 16

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