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Rhinoplasty Anesthesia

What kind of anesthesia is used for rhinoplasty? Do you have the option to choose between general and local anesthesia?

mrsromney  -  Oct. 16

Local anesthesia is usually used. Local anesthesia combined with a sedative. I'm not sure if you can request for general anesthesia but I would not recommend this. Anesthesia is tricky. The less you use, the better off you will be.

I used local anesthesia during my own surgery and I felt fine. You have a vague awareness of what's going on but it does not hurt. The operation itself is not very painful. Sometimes, the healing is much more painful especially when pain-management mess lose their effectivity. Still, rhinoplasty is a low-risk surgery. Don't be afraid to have it done if you have an ugly nose. I promise, it will change your appearance dramatically!!!

Maureen  -  Oct. 16

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