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Risks In Liposuction

 Are there any risks in liposuction? Is liposuction a safe procedure? Is there a possibility that I will die during liposuction? Will there be anesthesia used during liposuction? What kind of anesthesia is used?

Pamela Kelly  -  Oct. 15

Of course there are risks in liposuction. However, these are so minimal. You need not be scared! Its actually an outpatient procedure which should give you the idea that it is not a huge risk and quite safe. All surgical procedures typically have risks but the lipo machines are so advanced now that I am sure you will not die during the procedure.... UNLESS you lie to your surgeon about your medical condition. The tests (blood and other tests) ordered before the procedure should be taken  seriously as some people are not medically qualified to have liposuction done.

Local anesthesia is usually used especially if only a small amount of fat will be removed. Local anesthesia is usually paired with a light sedative. General anesthesia is hardly used. In all my lipo procedures (thighs, arms, tummy, chin), I only used local anesthesia. I think general anesthesia are mostly used for really fat patients, like if you are 300 to 400 pounds. I suggest you discuss your anesthesia options with your surgeon so you can figure out which would best suit you. My view however is this: If you need general anesthesia for an area like your arm... maybe you need gastric bypass rather than lipo. Sorry to be very blunt.

Cristalle  -  Oct. 15

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