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Should I Get Plastic Surgery? First Consider This...

Should I get plastic surgery? This is a question asked by many. Too many times do I see young people (and old) get plastic surgery on an emotional whim. They might be feeling insecure about an aspect of their body, and then think that plastic surgery will be a magical fix that will make everything all better. Let me say this as simply and clearly as possible...


Take your time and don't rush into anything. If you want to get something, wait for a few months and see if you still want it. Remember, waiting a few months is better than being stuck with bad results for a lifetime. Trust me when I say, trying to fix bad plastic surgery is 10 times harder than getting initial plastic surgery.

In short, take your time, do your research, and have realistic expectations. Approach plastic surgery from a logical standpoint with a clear desired result. If it's a realistic goal and (after some patience and thought) you know you want it, then take the appropriate steps to make it happen. If you're feeling down on yourself and think some plastic surgery will make it all better, then just DON'T. Find the root of your problem and go from there. Please approach plastic surgery with a logical and and realistic mindset.

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Jan. 4

Great advise. It is a very important decision

decorchic  -  Mar. 26

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