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Stages Of Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

A very common question is, 'When will I start seeing new hair after hair transplant?' Hair growth is broken into many stages following a hair transplant and 1 month can feel like 1 year. So, don't fret! Here's a simple breakdown of what to expect post-op:

Day 1

You will most likely be on Valeum or something that knocks you out. You'll be swollen and drowsy.

Day 2

You'll go back to your doctor and get the bandages taken off. You'll have tons of little red scabs where the recipient hair is.

Day 7 - 10

The scabs will start "popping" off and look like flaky dandruff. It's important not to pick at these. Be sure to let them fall off naturally.

1 Month

Most of the recipient will have fallen off and there will still be some redness left.

2 Months

Most of the redness will have subsided, but not much new hair growth.

3 Months

Yay! You'll start to see some new hairs coming in! They will be very fine and thin, but it's progress!

4 - 7 Months

Hair will start to get thicker. It's all uphill from here.

8 Months

Almost the final product. You'll be able to get a good idea of your hair will look like.

12 Months

Final result! Enjoy your new hair!


Although your hair will probably be finished maturing at 12 months, it can take up to 18 to see the final result.


Timbo  -  Apr. 5

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