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Top 10 Best Celebrity Nose Jobs Before & After

I've compiled a list of the top 10 best celebrity nose jobs.  The art of good plastic surgery is making people not know you had plastic surgery.  A good nose job will look like you just have a naturally good looking nose.  No one would ever think you had a rhinoplasty.  So, with out further ado... here's the 10 best celebrity nose jobs:

1. Blake Lively - Blake is firmly in first place and is what good plastic surgery is all about. Her nose job was subtle and made nose look so natural that you wouldn't EVER suspect her of having plastic surgery. Also, she still maintained her character with her new nose. Incredible...

blake lively nose job

2. Adele - Her nose is BEAUTIFUL after plastic surgery. She's a true testament to plastic surgery done right. All she needed was a little confidence boost and her singing did the rest.

adele plastic surgery

3. Jennifer Aniston - She's always been a natural beauty. Although she's suspected of having multiple nose jobs, she still has a great looking nose.

jennifer aniston nose job

4. Kim Kardashian - She actually denies having any plastic surgery. But, the before and after photo makes it pretty obvious that she did. Either way, the result looks very good and puts her at fourth place.

kim kardashian nose job

5. Natalie Portman - She's such a natural beauty it's incredible. Nose job or not, she's still a stunner. But, her rhinoplasty was incredibly well done and looks very natural.
natalie portman plastic surgery
6. Scarlett Johansson - her nose job was well done because it kept the exact same shape and contour, but it just narrowed it a bit. This is a classic example when taking the simplest and most subtle approach is best.
scarlett johansson nose job
7. Alicia Keys - She just reduced her bulbous tip slightly. Her nose job was subtle, doesn't look fake, and wasn't overdone. Another good rhinoplasty.
alicia keys plastic surgery
8. Britney Spears - Oh Britney... Not many people knew she had a nose job until years after she got famous. She had a bit of a bulbous nose before the plastic surgery, but it looks natural and even after.
britney spears nose job
9. Aishwarya Rai - She has all the appeal of a natural beauty and you would never suspect her of having plastic surgery. And yet... she had a very well done nose job. Again, the art of a good nose job is to have it look natural.
aishwarya rai nose job
10. Keira Knightley - Her nose job looks subtle, but it was pretty complex. She actually had her nostrils tucked in as well as the width reduced. Either way, it looks great and skyrocketed her to a successful acting career.

keira knightley nose job

Remember: always strive for realistic and natural results. Plastic surgery should compliment your naturally good attributes. Try and get a look that works well with your natural appeal and find a very well qualified and trusted plastic surgeon.

Plastic Obsessed 91  -  Dec. 11

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