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How much money should you pay for a nose job?

I'm planning on getting a nose job in Chicago soon. I can pay up to $30,000 on the plastic surgery operation. I realize that that this amount of money may seem expensive for plastic surgery. So, what's the right amount of money to pay for a good nose job?

Nancy  -  Sep. 13

When having rhinoplasty it depends on a lot of variables.  Like SuperStar says it’s going to depend on the location of the surgeon.  A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon surprisingly get’s to charge THOUSANDS more than his equally qualified counterpart in Torrance 3-5 miles away. It’s going to depend on how extensive the work on your nose and face is.  If you have a lot of shaving or reshaping that takes more hours and more of the anesthesiologist’s time and operating room time and so on and so forth, so all things factor in on the total cost. I always say don’t just look at their before and after pics, but google their names, go to the fifth page back and look at random web posts, find out what patients have actually written about the doctors you are thinking about using. Ask the doctor for 5 or more recommendations.  Check out the hospital that they will be using to do the nose job.  Really find out if you will be in comfort or squalor. Do your homework that’s your best bet and you will know if your money’s going to the right place.

Kelly S  -  Sep. 17

The cost of rhinoplasty shouldn't be your primary focus. The best nose job doctors aren't always the most expensive ones. You should really focus on the plastic surgeons credentials, track record, before and after photos, testimonials (browse internet forums for reviews on this doctor), and how long they've been practicing. Also, a large contributing factor to the cost of rhinoplasty is the location you're getting it in. Beverly Hills is undoubtedly going to be around $10,000+ while Chicago may average between $4,000 - $8,000. But, the results are going to be somewhat comparable.
If you're paying a lot of money for the nose job then the plastic surgeon is probably (obviously) good. But, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

Plastic Surgery Star  -  Sep. 12

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